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The Sig P226 is a great weapon that will take all kinds of abuse and keep on ticking. I kind of have a soft spot for the P226 as I was issued one and ran thousands of rounds through one during my 10.5 years in the Navy. I have a P226 NSW Serial Numbered Navy model that has never been fired. All that being said, when I got out of the Navy, I took a couple years off from regular shooting. When I got back into some regular shooting, I kind of drifted over to the striker-fire and 1911 pistols. It is difficult enough to transition from a Glock trigger to a 1911 trigger, but I could never warm back up to the SA/DA trigger of the Sig. I like a consistent trigger pull from the first to last shot. If you do decide on the Sig, which would not be a bad choice, you could always send it off to someone like Bruce Gray and have them do an action will never be able to hold and shoot a box stock Sig again. He really does a nice job.....probably the best Sig work I have ever seen. One thing I have noticed with some of the triggers in the newer Sig pistols, especially the SRT (Short Reset Trigger), is that the triggers are absolutely horrible out of the box.....gritty, stacky.....just plain crap. This is totally unacceptable for a pistol that, in most cases, is going to be approaching $1,000.
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