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Mine is definately not soft, as a matter of fact most comment on the difficulty they have sharpening these things.
Probably should have provided some frame of reference.

The effect of the stone on the metal is fairly rapid compared to most other knives I own. That's what I meant when I said it sharpens fast and the metal is on the soft side. If you watch the "testing" videos you'll see that one of the things they noted was that the edge didn't chip at all, it simply rolled over/bent/wore away in the concrete test. That's another indication that the metal hardness leans more toward the soft side than to the hard side.

However, the grind geometry isn't conducive to getting a good edge when you first get the knife. You're going to have to take off a good bit of metal to set up a good edge geometry. So it would be correct to say that it's difficult to sharpen--at least it is the first time.
Seems to hold an edge as good as most others out there. Probably better than anything in its cost range.
Yeah, with the cost qualifier that's probably true. Anyway, you want a survival type knife to be a bit on the soft side. You can always resharpen the edge if it dulls but if it the blade breaks because it's really hard (brittle) then you're in trouble.
Do you have a TX CHL? Thank the
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