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Originally Posted by VN350X10 View Post
I have a Lee 1000, Dillon SDB, XL650, 1050 & a 550 all on my bench at the same time.
That said, I have the Lee dedicated to 9mm ammo.
I LIKE the idea of reducing the hole size on the case collomater & will do that.
It does seem to be effective...

Now for my tip...
Keep the priming system clean, BUT....lube it with powdered graphite, I use a lock type applicator & give the tray a "puff" of graphite every 2 boxes of primers (200 rds.)
I got some graphite lube. I'll have to do this.

The system runs more smoothly, graphite won't hurt the powder if it gets in thru the flash hole, the primers seat a bit easier & the graphite will burnish into the plastic ramp of the feed system, making the primers slide easier as time goes on.
Mine will run reliabily down to 8-10 primers ! But the best bet is to refill the tray as soon as the primers are down in the ramp by 1 or 2, it's just the way the system works.
Yep. Mine, being brand new, will also run until it's down to 8-10 primers. But I do try to keep an eye on it and to fill it back up unless I'm doing the last part of the batch (in which case I'll use a tie wrap to put a little bit of pressure on the primer stack to keep them moving along until there are none left).

A few mods along the way, but nothing major except removing the "lamp chain" & replacing it with a governor return spring from a 5 hp Briggs & Stratton engine !
More positive on the powder measure return.
I simply pulled the powder measure from my LCT and put it on my Pro 1000. It is set up with the return spring, which seems to be plenty stout.

I'm not worried about double charges in the case. I always peer into the case prior to seating the bullet to ensure there's a charge and that it's roughly at the right level. I do this with my Dillon, too, even though I'm using the RCBS lockout die with it.

I think it pays, in terms of safety, to take this stuff seriously.
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