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Originally Posted by Singlestack Wonder View Post
Drop the bucks and get Dillon. Spend your time producing quality loads, not fixing or re-engineering the Lee's.
If you only want one press and have the cash, then I totally agree: get the Dillon.

But if you already have a Dillon and want a second progressive press, the Pro 1000 isn't a bad way to go at all. After all, if it's reliability you need, you already have it (since you already have a Dillon). And you already have experience with a progressive press, so you're past the beginner's learning curve.

I suspect that, unless you have a defective press, the Pro 1000 will crank out the ammo with decent reliability. I don't expect it to be as reliable as a Dillon, of course, but I don't expect to have a stoppage every 10 rounds or so, either, as long as I do my part and heed the operational requirements of the press.
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