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Originally Posted by WiskyT View Post
Yeah, hex ratchet. The little white nylon thingy. I think I got a bunch of small parts from Lee.
Well, there are two nylon pieces, it seems. There's the hex ratchet (PN TA2368), and then there's the ratchet gear (PN TR2432).

I have plenty of spares of the hex ratchet, but none of the ratchet gear.

It sounds like it's the hex ratchet (PN TA2368) that is easily damaged, and the fact that Midway carries them and not the ratchet gear supports this, but I wanted to make sure that indeed is what you're referring to.

Yes, finger pressure only. Over time powder and dust can get into the threads and make it hard to undo. When that happens, you need a really clean and strong set of fingers to get a good grip on it. the less tight you make it when you install it, the easier it is to take it appart.
With the shellplate carrier out, they suggest using a hex wrench to remove the shellplate, but unless the threads are clogged it sounds like it shouldn't be necessary to use it.

Like I said, I tend to be a "minimal force" kinda guy. So with that in mind, how little tightening can I get away with when installing the shellplate? Can I install it such that I stop tightening it right when I feel an increase in resistance, or is that too little?
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