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One of my other mods was to replace the straight pc. of piano wire that kicks out the loaded round & make one with more of an "S" bend to it.
Ejection of loaded rounds is a bit smoother, making the entire press run better.
Also, to insure against double charges, I always use a powder that fills more than 1/2 the case volume, in the case of my 9mm, the powder (Vhit N320) is only about 1/8" below the case mouth before seating the bullet.
No, this isn't the cheapest load I can use for USPSA minor, but it is IMPOSSIBLE to double charge a case. I feel the cost of the powder is totally insiginificant, as compared to a blown up pistol !
I also seat the bullet as far out as I can within the limits of the Glock magazines, as my load is slightly over (new) book, although it was under max 3 or 4 manuals ago. I've been using the same load in USPSA for 8 or 9 years.

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