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Answers in bold print.

Originally Posted by eamonher View Post
Can anyone use this round for selfdefence?
Yes. Winchester itself is the one that restricts sale to LEO only. Company rule, not a law.

Originally Posted by eamonher View Post
Im in texas any one know if I would have a problem if I actually had to use it(hope never).
Some overzealous attorney could possibly try to twist why you were using ammunition that the manufacturer specified as LE-only. Of course an appropriate answer would be that you chose it for the very reason that LEO throughout the country use it and you knew you would be getting a quality product without having to simply guess at what you would be getting, and that the ammo is often available from several dealers who sell to civilians.

Originally Posted by eamonher View Post
Any other recommendation for a good self defense round, the platform will be a g23
Federal HST and Speer Gold Dot are also excellent rounds.
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