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I collect CCO's.

The DW has a rounded MSH. The Kimber does not.

The DW is a MIM free gun. The Kimber is full of MIM.

The DW uses a Alloy MSH. The Kimber uses plastic which is why it weighs less.

The DW is a 4.25 bushing barrel. The Kimber is a 4 inch bull barrel.

The DW has a single sided thumb safety. The Kimber is ambi.

The DW has Chainlink. The Kimber is more traditional checkering.

THe DW has a ramped barrel. The Kimber a non ramped.

The DW is "dehorned". The Kimber has a mild "soap bar" treatment.

The DW has Trijicon NS. the Kimber has Metro's

That is about it for the highlighted differences.

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