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Originally Posted by HAIL CAESAR View Post
I collect CCO's.

The DW has a rounded MSH. The Kimber does not.

The DW is a MIM free gun. The Kimber is full of MIM.

The DW uses a Alloy MSH. The Kimber uses plastic which is why it weighs less.

The DW is a 4.25 bushing barrel. The Kimber is a 4 inch bull barrel.

The DW has a single sided thumb safety. The Kimber is ambi.

The DW has Chainlink. The Kimber is more traditional checkering.

That is about it for the highlighted differences.
Sounds correct. The most notable IMO is the bull barrel vs the bushing setup. I am a bushing fan, but have to admit the bull setup may actually be preferable on an alloy frame/shorter barrel ccw piece. That is the same setup my Wilson Protector had, and it works very well.
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