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TruGlo TFOs are unique and all, and they have a loyal customer following; but they also have the longest list of complaints of any sights mentioned on this forum. Just do a search and you'll see...

I know, I know, some of you love your TFOs... And they are unique and clever, and a blessing for tired eyes. But the 90-day warranty speaks plainly to me, as do the chronic complaints, which have included:

- Poor Workmanship
- Poor Finish
- Poor Fit
- Fiber Optic Rod Failure
- Lamp Failure

To be fair, the incidents of complaints on TFOs have begun to wane lately.

Alternatively, there are many other great sights to pick from out there, but Id have to agree that there is no downside to AmeriGlo. I too like their Operator sights with green/yellow lamps; that would be my pick for your G20.

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