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Originally Posted by njl View Post
By short, I meant OAL. If you measure various factory 9mm FMJ loads, I think you'll find they tend to be around 1.15-1.16. Does the data you're using include a minimum recommended OAL? IIRC, the Speer manual I'm using lists a minimum OAL for their 124gr 9mm data of 1.135.
Oh, ok. My Speer #13 manual calls for 1.120" for 124 grain bullets. (It also calls for 1.125" in the 115 grainers and for 1.130" in the 147 grainers.)

My Lyman manual calls for 1.120" in 125 grain bullets (and 1.090" for 115 grain bullets and 1.160" for 130 grain bullets.)

I was just trying to come up with an average OAL that would be suitable---I am anxious to get to the range to see how these cycle. The cartridge OAL is one area I have found the manuals to vary widely on---this is one part of the equation that often leaves me guessing and doing trial and error. If anyone has any suggestions on that, I would love to know what others do in this situation.
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