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Originally Posted by n2extrm View Post
IMHO the seating depth variation you are seeing publushed is due to the variable of the bullet used. A Hornady 115grn bullet is or may be shaped diffrent from a Sierra 115 grn bullet. As such the bearing surface and shape of the nose may be diffrent and give you diffrent OAL for the loaded round. I try to load for magazine and function. If the round feeds reliabley and fits the magazine I run it. I try to start with data based on the actual bullet used when ever I can. If it is a Sierra I use their data Hornady theirs, or try to find a bullet that is very similar to what you have and use that. Kedep in mind OAL affects pressure. If you use a fast powder and are near the top of a powder charge/max pressure a small change in OAL could cause a serious pressure problem.
Thanks----very good points. Since my intent is for target/plinking loads, that is why I tend to run starting loads or at least loads on the low end of the velocity scale. Especially when I can't find a published load for my exact bullet, which in this case happens to be a Remington 124 grain FMJ.
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