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Originally Posted by n2extrm View Post
IMHO the seating depth variation you are seeing publushed is due to the variable of the bullet used. A Hornady 115grn bullet is or may be shaped diffrent from a Sierra 115 grn bullet. As such the bearing surface and shape of the nose may be diffrent and give you diffrent OAL for the loaded round. I try to load for magazine and function. If the round feeds reliabley and fits the magazine I run it. I try to start with data based on the actual bullet used when ever I can. If it is a Sierra I use their data Hornady theirs, or try to find a bullet that is very similar to what you have and use that. Kedep in mind OAL affects pressure. If you use a fast powder and are near the top of a powder charge/max pressure a small change in OAL could cause a serious pressure problem.
Fitting the mag is one consideration. The other is the round must fit the camber. Some pistols have shorter chambers than others. The bullet will lodge into the rifling if the round is too long & bullet shape determines that.
Make a 3-4 dummy rounds, load them in the mag & cycle them by hand. they should feed & eject easily. If it sticks in the chamber, you'll know.
"Given adequate penetration, a larger diameter bullet will have an edge in wounding effectiveness. It will damage a blood vessel the smaller projectile barely misses. The larger permanent cavity may lead to faster blood loss. Although such an edge clearly exists, its significance cannot be quantified".
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