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Originally Posted by bac1023 View Post
Yeah, its surely not an EB bobtail.

I'll tell you what, I really like it.

If its a Series I, I may pick one up. I don't own any Series I Kimbers or any 5" 1911s with a bobtail.

Other than the front serrations, I like everything about it. The hammer looks like it was taken from the SIS and is different than other current Kimbers. I also like the solid trigger quite a bit. The grips are very nice too.

I'm not seeing it on their website yet.

I agree they are a appealing 1911 in many ways. I am not a FCS guy but those are not bad, reminds me of some I have seen on a Brown Kobra Carry before. If these retail for under $1400 or so I would be interested as well.
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