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Originally Posted by Kentucky Shooter View Post
Thanks----very good points. Since my intent is for target/plinking loads, that is why I tend to run starting loads or at least loads on the low end of the velocity scale. Especially when I can't find a published load for my exact bullet, which in this case happens to be a Remington 124 grain FMJ.
I tend to do pretty much what you are doing. I find something that will fit the mag and feed, work up from a low charge to where the gun will run. The lower end charges as fred said can be problem-matic in selfloading pistols. Once I get a load that will run I tweak it a little to where it shoots and call it a day. I see no need for max pressure in a target load, as you seem to agree no need to get crazzy speeds for target loads.

Fred yes chamber is a part of function too. Thanks for pointing that out I guess I should have mentioned it.

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