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Originally Posted by raw6464 View Post
It's really the amount of compression/rebound cycles over time that kills a spring not a constant compression. A constant compression on a spring is no different then being contantly uncompressed.

Using the same mag over and over is what kills springs not time. Springs engineered and manufactured to be springs DON'T weaken from being loaded within their design specifications as explained in the orginal post on this thread.

So the issue at hand is if you have a mag that you keep loaded for long periods of time, do you need to replace them... just because?
IMO the internet myth is that constant compression does not change a magazine spring. Go to the Wolff Gun Springs website and read FAQ #5.

But, you really don't need Wolff to tell you this. Take a used Glock mag and a new Glock mag and press down on the follower. With my used Glock mags I can feel less force pushing the follower up compared to a new Glock mag.

Now whether the spring force continues to reduce with age and use is debatable. But, to maintain that constant compression is the same as a totally uncompressed state is clearly wrong.
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