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Yea, duty weapon. I used to be able to carry a G17 and the G26...but a couple of years ago we switched to the SIG229RDAK. Not a bad gun, but IMHO we already had great issue guns in the G17/19 and the HKUSPC.40LEM.

The 229 is such a big and heavy gun. I so much loved carrying my G17 with the G26 as a back-up/off duty/office duty gun. The 3rd Gen G17 filled all of the issues of a good primary handgun with a light on it, great for patrol, warrant service, escort duty etc.

The 229 is ok but I sure don't like carrying it in plain clothes. Also, I've never been a big fan of the .40...if I need bigger than 9mm (which I rarely do) then I pack a .45 or a .357 Magnum. Lastly, the DAK trigger is ok for me, but I've had a hell of a time teaching it to some folks.

Anyhoo, the G26 gets carried a lot, and I mean alot. Unless I'm involved in an enforcement action, I'm packing the G26...which (unscientifically) comes out to 99.5% of the time.

If I could I would go back to the G17 as a primary handgun in a heartbeat!

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