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Originally Posted by 3rdgen40 View Post
Well, I detail stripped my frame today.Watched a good "how to" video as I did it.Pretty simple,just more parts than my Glocks.Just got it back together.Seems to function fine.Will have to take it to the range to find out for sure.
I found a drop in beavertail,so I think I can do most of what I want done myself and save about $400 in labor.Plus I get to enjoy doing it myself...
Good job. My Wilson "drop in" was anything but, had to have a gunsmith fit it.

"Seems to function fine", the same gunsmith told me about shop test firing: make sure it is unloaded, cock it, drop a pencil (eraser first) down the barrel, with the gun pointing up (and head back!) pull the trigger - if everything is as it should be the pencil flies/fires out a ways.

Enjoy it, love my 1927 Sistema - chambers an empty cardridge!
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