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IDPA Legal Holster for Female Shooter

My wife would like to get into shooting IDPA and I am certainly going to support that decision. She has the typical female body structure with the waist smaller then hips. She wears her belt and pants at the waist and does not want to wear them at the hips. Does anyone have holster recommendations. We tried a Bladetech Drop and Offset but it is to much drop to meet the holster rules for IDPA even the rules for female and it still cants the pistol into her ribs and not vertical.

Any suggestions on a legal holster that can be worn at the waist line?

We also need to find her a pistol. The G17/19 the LOP is a little to long. She can barely reach the trigger. My 14 year Daughter the G17 fits her but she has longer fingers then the wife.

We might try a Gen 4 Glock when they are out to get the Slim Frame or a M&P with the small grip. Any other suggestions are welcome.
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