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Originally Posted by 3rdgen40 View Post
I am planning some upgrades for my first and only (so far) 1911.Heres my list:
Ext.Thumb Safety
Ext. Beavertail
Ext.Slide Release
Ext.Mag Release

Commander (skeleton) Hammer
Three Hole Match Trigger
Flat RMH (checkered)
Carry Bevel
This will be my primary HD/CCW gun.Any other suggestions ? Anything on my list not a good idea for a defensive 1911 ? Any other internal parts I should upgrade ?

ETA: Are any of these parts "drop in" that I could change myself ?
i'd get rid of those in red.

if you get something other than a spur hammer, you will need a new beavertail. SA uses a different beavertail cut (.220" vs .250"). i think S&A are the only ones that have drop-in beavertails with this cut.

getting a new hammer, you might as well buy a trigger kit to your liking, which will clean up the trigger pull

trigger is your choice. i prefer flat triggers over curved trigger now.

Get the Jerry Kuhnhausen manual and it should cover the parts that you want to install.
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