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It is this one I think is the problem. Since I would be her SO and she only plans to shoot club level matches I don't think it will keep her from coming out but there has to be others solving the problem.

H. May not position the firearm where the breech face (autos)
or rear of the cylinder (revolvers) is below the center of the
belt. NO drop loops are permitted. Holsters for females may
position the breech face of a pistol or rear of the cylinder of a
revolver up to 1 below the center of the belt.

Originally Posted by Jim Watson View Post
I see no numbers in the "female" IDPA rules. All it says is

"Holsters for females are exempt from F criteria but may not cant the holster away from the body past 90 deg to the ground." Rule F is the part about belt tunnel gaps and thickness of back pieces over the belt. It seems to me that she can have whatever spacer is required to make the holster hang vertical.

"Female shooters are exempt from this test." (3/4" gap between body and gun.)

"Female shooters are exempt from this criterion." (Several items, including no drop loops, no drop in the holster itself, offset back, and no daylight gap.)

Not more generous requirements, EXEMPT. She can have whatever holster she needs to get normal positioning of the gun.

Unfortunately, I do not know a brand name to recommend.
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