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Any division is fine at this point. Maybe not revolver yet but ESP would be fine. Not sure she is up for the PF required for CDP.

Thanks for the offer let me research some more. She and my daughter attended an Intro to IDPA Class this morning put on by our Match Director. They had a good time but he said the holster is not legal and the pistol is to big for her and she should make a trip to the gun store. The G17 did not fit her hand and is hurting accuracy since she can just get it with the very tip of her finger.

I have a M&P Full Size in .40 and .45 so I might have her try it with the small grip in .40 and if it works for her get one in 9mm or load her some special .40 that makes IDPA PF vs. my current load which is major for USPSA.

I will check out Comp-Tac. I use their belt holsters and M-Tac. I would see how they work for her but I am a lefty and she is one of the righties.

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John, as far as the gun goes, are you trying to stay within SSP guidelines? If not, your options are greater (1911, HiPower, XD, grip-reduced Glock, etc..).

For the record...for me, the M&P, even with the small grip, had a greater LOP than a comparable Glock. It was just uncomfortable enough for me that I sold it and bought another Glock.

If the DOH didn't work for her as far as vertical drop, not sure what to suggest. We have a Gunsite Ladies holster for a G19 that you're welcome to try, if you like. Comp-Tac used to make a rig similar to the DOH, and they will do custom work if you ask.

Glad she's interested in IDPA...I can't even get my wife to come out and watch!
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