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Originally Posted by chuckman View Post
Sure, this makes financial sense. But maybe the OP wants his gun his way, maybe he has a limited budget and can only do so many things at a time. My upgraded and customized Mil-Spec is unique, and I have been offered more money (to sell) than the sum of its parts are worth. .
That's awesome! I've never seen it though! Money put in for custom work on a bottom tier 1911 in my area, never, never, brings in the same money as the more upper tier do of the same firearm line, Be it Springfield, Kimber, or Colt. Plus the fact if you let's say take a milspec, build it with all the bells and whistles to the Springfield top of the line, you will have more money spent than just buying the top of the line out right. If course like I mentioned, if one were to do the upgrades themselves, there would definitely have the pride of accomplishment in their build, but financially, like you said makes no sense. As does paying a gunsmith do add the bells and whistles. Financially anyway!
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