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Just bought one today for the wife

I've been trying to get the wife to buy a gun for herself for a while now. She does not enjoy shooting any of my .40's. We went to the gun show this morning, which was a bust, more beef jerky than firearms it seemed like. On the way home we stopped at a local shop. I was trying to talk her into a G19 or a Kahr P9, but she didn't like the fact that neither of them had a manual safety. The guy pulled down a S&W M&P 9C Compact from the rack and she liked it right away. They have a range there, so she took it out and fired 5 shots. That was all it took. A credit card transaction and a background check later and we were on our way home. She's very happy with it. We bought some 9MM snap caps so she could practice dry firing and clearing drills. The trigger seems fine to me. Anyway, it's the first S&W in the house. Hopefully we have good luck.
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