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I have not worked with a Blade Tech. Is the drop not adjustable? Could she not put the belt width spacer shim they use on top of the belt in the loop to raise the holster a bit? Do you think the local club MD will notice or care?

I use Ready Tactical. You might contact Chris Patty at CPWSA and see how long it would take to have Chris Stewart make up a maximum drop IDPA Lady's rig.

The TRP has metal checkering doesn't it? I have a couple of guns with the checkering flattened for a less agressive grip.

But if she gets on with the shape and size, the simple thing to do would be to get her an uncheckered gun and apply tape if needed. There is a 3M rubberized traction tape that is not rough on the hands and is a lot cheaper than the stuff sold by gun dealers.
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