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Originally Posted by 3rdgen40 View Post
I thought about buying a S/A Loaded, which has most of the features I want in a 1911.However there are other things I don't like about the Loaded,like the front slide serrations as well as the size of the serrations.
I feel the same way. I thinking of snagging a SA Mil-Spec and simply installing a long trigger, spurred hammer and new sights. The front serrations on everything these days just doesn't do it for me. I am also thinking of doing the work myself, but have never done anything more than drop-in Glock parts before.

I agree that money spent on customizing a pistol is money you will never see in resale. I've spent maybe $7000 on my 2008 Dodge Hemi Charger adding tons of naturally aspirated power. I know full well I'll never see it back at resale and that it may well be a turn off to many buyers. I think the same is true with pistols. Personally, I avoid pistols other folks have had work done on, other than sights, finish or minor stuff. Good luck and keep us posted.
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