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Originally Posted by Jon_R View Post
I have been wanting a 1911 in 9 so I have a true ESP gun... Is there any difference in the LOP on a 1911 in .45 and one in 9? I have a couple in .45 she could see how it feels it they are the same. If not she would have to check at the gun shop.
Jim's answered your questions quite well.

As he said, there's lots of things you can do with the 1911 platform to get the LOP you want....thin grips, different MSHs, short triggers, etc...

I'm not a huge fan of aggressive checkering, either. My two favorite 1911s are my Springfield Loaded (no checkering, I use skate tape on the front strap), and my Smith PD (LW Commander-sized), which has a serrated front strap. Both are in 45ACP.

I find myself shooting them in IDPA more these days because they fit my hands better, and I just flat shoot them better than the Glocks I've carried for 18 years! Love my HiPowers, too, but only shoot them at local matches....something happened to the mag-disconnects in all of them.

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