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Originally Posted by Kentucky Shooter View Post
I use the rockchucker from RCBS. Not totally sure of your purpose for asking, and I may be misreading your intent, but I will offer this advice that you may already be aware of (if you are, then please disregard.) I think its safe to say that the press you use is one of the least important variables in the search for accuracy. I would look at dies, bullets, brass, combinations of bullets and powders, seating depth, scope or other sight, base and ring setups, brass preparation, as all being more important than the selection of a press. And I may have left out a few things-----but I think if you look at all this then fine accuracy can be achieved with a cheap Lee single stage press. Good luck in whatever you decide.

Yes I do understand all that...I just wanted to eliminate one variable while I happen to be in the market for a press.

Thanks though for the tip, i do understand where you are coming from.
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