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Originally Posted by cali92rs View Post
Yes I do understand all that...I just wanted to eliminate one variable while I happen to be in the market for a press.

Thanks though for the tip, i do understand where you are coming from.
my suggestion to you is for now is to use your classic turret press and by a set of either Forster or Redding Bench rest die set and see what you can accomplish with your press and the die sets. if you are satisfied with the groups that you are getting with that combo you need go no farther. if not then the next step up in presses will be the Forster Co-Ax press with number1 being a arbor press and Wilson hand dies. HTH one important process i forgot to mention that is most important when loading for accuracy in rifle cartridges is Case-Prep, Neck Turning,Uniform Primer Pockets,De-Burring Flash Holes etc.

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