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Originally Posted by Jim S. View Post
I have been wanting to get a Springfield Armory Mil-Spec but have been wondering about the titanium firing pin that they use to meet the California requirements. I believe they use a firing pin from a 38 super in the 45acp made from titanium to help meet the drop test for the state of California.
Can this firing pin be replaced with a "normal" firing pin?
Can you replace it with a firing pin from a 45acp?
I am imagining that the firing pin hole in the breech face is fit for the 38 super firing pin and one from a 45 probably wouldn't fit through the hole.
I just do not like this change from the norm just to satisfy the state of California.
Anyone know about this?

don't replace it. all springer 1911's have a titanium FP, not just the Cali market ones. it's part of their drop safety (coupled with a heavy FP spring). works fine, and it's a safety. leave it alone, my friend
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