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Double Tap Ammo for G20 10mm.....

Okay, I've read on the board about how good the Double Tap is, so I went ahead and bought boxes of various grains. Here's what I bought.....

(50) 155 gr. Bonded Defense JHP / 1475 fps
(50) 180 gr. Bonded Defense JHP / 1305 fps
(50) 200 gr. Controlled Expansion / 1250 fps
(100) 180 gr. Full Metal Jacket Match / 1250 fps (I bought this for range ammo)

Of the choices, which do you think would serve best for:

1. Self Defense
2. Home Defense
3. Hunting Sidearm

Lastly, what would be a cheaper brand "range only" ammo to purchase and not give me headaches at the range?

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