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WRT the actual original post, people ask questions to learn from the mistakes and success of others. As I stated in a post elsewhere, <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p>
Originally Posted by jdavionic
People take the information, see if it's consistent with their setup / expectations, make adjustments here & there, load test rounds, and fine tune from there. Anyone that takes load data, loads hundreds of rounds, and goes from there is a fool. And anyone who seriously thinks that a reloader is considering such actions is even more of a fool.

“Go read the manual” is without a doubt a required start. But if you’ve been reloading for any short amount time, you will soon discover that manuals vary on the same load data for the same powder and bullets. So people ask for help. What’s the big deal? You can help them or ignore them. I opt for helping them.
“Go see the powder manufacturer’s website for data” is always great advice and should be done. But anyone who has reloaded for a short amount of time will tell you that many manufacturers do not have data for all bullet weights / types. So people tend to look at the data that is there, ask questions to help fill in the gaps or gain confidence, load test loads, fire them, and refine as necessary. Again, what’s the big deal? You can help them or ignore them.
Suppose everyone took an arrogant approach. Which is better – a reloader that makes their rounds for plinking or one that does so for competition shooting? For pistol, let’s be more arrogant…if you’re not a GM and a reloader, you don’t know squat and should shut your lazy mouth up.
Point being, reloading is very much about sharing information. I agree people need to research on your own. But simply because someone asks which powder, what’s the difference between Wolf and CCI primers, is there a difference between loads for plated vs. lead bullets, which OAL works for your gun, what load do you use for 9mm 147 gr FMJ ….it doesn’t mean that folks need to jump their case, call them a troll, and tell ‘em to piss off. Inevitably, people need to be responsible in their approach to reloading. But asking questions is simply another way of doing your homework. For me, I say ‘no big deal’ and ‘feel free to ask questions’. If I can help, I will. Just don’t ask me which is better – AK or AR.<o:p></o:p>
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