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Glad to see I'm one of the targets of this thread (see post 17 here: My point was this, some people don't have a whole hell of a lot of time and money to go through the finite process of developing a perfect load from scratch. We come here to get a few ideas of where to start and go from there, that's what I do. I'm not looking for some magic recipe that will work in my gun. But thanks for taking the time to ***** about this in ANOTHER thread. The first one got locked and I'm pretty sure Freak's thread about leaving will too. This one is heading in that direction too. But yeah, thanks for quoting me

By the way, this is why I don't like coming around here much anymore. People ***** way too much about this crap. There is so much drama here and FAR too many personal attacks over the most pointless crap ever.

We're the coolest guys on the internet. Friday night and we're talking about tap water on an online forum....

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