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Originally Posted by fredj338 View Post
I agree, & I am always willing to help, but there is an alarming number of newbs, probably do to the ammo shortage, that want to shortcut the process. Retention of knowledge is better if one does reading & practical application, not just plug & play. The more you study, the more you will learn & then be able to understand why book A loads are diff than book B, etc. Take that to the range for practical some expereince & it all comes together. It's not baking a cake. If you muck it up, it will cost you at least a gun, maybe an eye or finger. While forums are great places for opinions & to pick the brains of those that have been there & done that, it's best to use it as just that, another level of your own personal experience. There are so many diff powder & bullet combos, I can see the advantage of asking for a place to start, but the guys that get me are the ones that think they can just ask for your fav load & then plug & play & hope it all works. Without cross referencing, that is a KB waiting to happen.
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