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I feel sorry in advance for the next few people that ask for anything load related in the reloading forum.

I'll admit Ive asked for pet loads a few times. As a matter of fact i did recently for some .223 loads, and of all people freakshow and many others helped me out.

Stated something along the lines of tac burns cleaner than h335 and might be better for bullets heavier than 55grs. (which i plan on shooting, so i saved money by having one powder for .223)

Well i ended up buying tac and shot great groups from the AR.

Anyone that does not verify the charge of loads (in reloading manuals) is simply mad. Yet by asking my question here i ended up with a great shooting round, informed by experienced loaders.

My opinion is that the reloading forum is the most knowledgeable of all the forums on glocktalk. I'd hate to see it change.

If freakshow called me a dumbass, i might seriously look into my reloading practices before arguing with him. I guess im weird.

Take care guys, its very late im off to bed.
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