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Originally Posted by RLDS45S View Post
Tell me how hard is it to reload some test loads and check them for accuracy, reliability and safety in your GUNS? Not at all.

No you DONT HAVE TO GET 10 different powders or primers or cases! I think of people trolling for loads as STUPID, UNSAFE, and LAZY reloaders! If you do not have time and inclination to do things right then buy factory ammo!
I understand loads have to be tested in a persons own guns for function, reliability, and accuracy. Just because they work great for me, does not mean they will work the same for you. With that said, I see no harm in sharing ideas on what are classic and time proven loads and ideas---the ones that have consistently worked in a lot of peoples guns. The person should then take the starting point with such loads and develop and tweak themselves. To me, the sharing of such ideas and information should be pretty natural in the reloading section of a gun forum. There are exceptions to everything, but to me if a person is on here seeking information, asking questions, it shows they are trying to get more educated and knowledgable on the subject---at least giving them the benefit of the doubt, thats the way I take it.
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