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Originally Posted by Colorado4Wheel View Post
Actually, I am looking for ideas of stuff I can make. I don't really want to make anything too fancy as I may very well change my mind later. I will probably laminate a top of some sort. I am curious about ideas for legs and shelving perhaps under the legs. I am feeling a little cheap right now as well.
Okay, I used 4x4 for the legs, dado the legs I ran 2x6 for the front top than 2x4 on the sides and back for the top and bottom on the sides and back plywood. Also ran 2x4 from the top two bottoms also dado in. I also on use lag bolts too hold it all together. That way I could change things around and also where if need be I could take it all apart too move.
For the Shelves I used a sheet of plywood. On all of the uprights I used the metal strips for shelving and metal clips. That way I could change the height if need be. I made doors for the front. I used 1X12 Than stained inside and out, and put a durable coat on top of that. I do not remember what I used.
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