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Originally Posted by double07gt View Post
and you don't think McCain would've done the same thing? Even if he didn't we'd been ****ed. Right or wrong moves, the current administration and Obama will be scrutinized. The GOP had their chance, they blew it because they didn't have a plan nor could they make a freakin decision on what needed to be done.
And you think Obama has? 3 months in deciding if he wanted to send troops or not. Increasing unemployment too double digit. Obama is great if you like Socialism and Marx-ism. May be that is why the majority of his cabinet believes in Socialism and Marxism.Yep he makes great decisions. NOT. Yes thanks too Obama and his brilliant decisions I no longer have a job. And I pay more in taxes, No cola increase. Congress got one.
Yes the Republican screwed up because they lost their Reagan conservative ideas and started to act like Democrats.
And yes the last years Bush was in office it was really screwed up is because the Democrats had the majority in the House and Senate. For some reason you Liberals want too over look that.
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