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Originally Posted by double07gt View Post
and you don't think McCain would've done the same thing? Even if he didn't we'd been ****ed. Right or wrong moves, the current administration and Obama will be scrutinized. The GOP had their chance, they blew it because they didn't have a plan nor could they make a freakin decision on what needed to be done.
although i didnt like mcain either no i dont believe he would have done all of the bailouts. they were assinine. i dont think mcain would have done the dirty dealing to get a bull**** health care bill that many of us dont want passed. whats pathetic is that braacks stupid ass and mcain were the best candidates the two primary parties could come up with. some of the smaller parties had candidates that i believe would have been able to do a much better job if given the chance. that being said i think those in congress and the senate like the status quo and the power abuses to which they have become accusomed to. braaacks appointing all of his so called czars is also bull****. they are making decisions and changing policies without going through the lawfull checks and balances which are there to try and protect us. he is a turd as are all of his appointees. pelosi is another tard
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