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Originally Posted by robin303 View Post
Your in luck my friend. I'm a cabinet maker and I can design something for you off my CAD program. It can be simple or something that someone would die for. Heck you helped me out.
I use Autocad 2000. What are you using? Here is the thing. I look at all the 2X4 stuff and I just don't want it to look that "Garage Like". But at the same time I don't want to put a ton of money into it either.


That is what I have now. I can get 30 inch wide by 36 tall cabinets and raise them off the ground to get my 42 inch height. Thats easy. Each Cabinet would cost $150. Toe kick a little more becasue it's going to need to be about 6 inch's high. So for $300 I get two cabinets that match. Spread them out 30" and connect them with some adjustable shelving. It would be 90" wide with a cabinet on each end open in the middle. Then it would match. Add a little to the 300 to make the top. $400 at the most. So thats my upper end. But, if i can come up with something appealing that will be more "wife friendly" then bare wood that is less then $300 it would make sence. I just can't wrap my head around a plan that looks decent but wouldn't cost a lot more then what I can do with some basic Aristocraft cabinets and a cheap top. I was thinking of building a 2X2 frame (much like peoples 2X4/4X4 stuff) and then finish the outside with some 1X3 pine. So it would end up plenty strong once it's glued and nailed to eachother. I need to price some material. This would go right next to the other setup so I want it to look decent.

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