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Originally Posted by bowcop22 View Post
No, I am shooting Production...I have several bladetech/kydex holsters that I have been using, but I am really wanting a cleaner draw than what they can give me...I need to shave some time off of the steel plates! My best time on the plates is 4.16 (that was with a totally stock G23). I am averaging around 5 seconds with the 35 on the plates...but I have just aquired the 35 and don't have a ton of practice with it just yet
Thanks you guys!
Some tips from Matt Burkett;

1. Check your reaction time to the buzzer. Use a timer with a delay or a friend, get your shooting stance, prep the trigger, at the first note of the buzzer pull the trigger. Trying for .13-.20.

2. Dryfire draws to a target that you just touch with the muzzle of the gun. Use the par time on a timer and reduce the time until you are not making the touch before the timer. Trying for 1.0 or less.

3. Keep the draw speed the same and allow the sights to dictate the first shot speed. For plates put the sights on the top half of the plate because as people try for speed they tend to jerk the shots low.

4. In the beginning pin the trigger to the rear until the sights recover. Once you know you can hit the plate every time then snap the eyes to the next plate and use the recoil to bring the gun down on target.

My observation is that the best way to shoot a 3.0 sec plate rack is to start with the gun at the ready and shoot a few 1000 rounds until you know that when the sight is on the plate it will fall every time. Then start with the gun in the holster, now that 1.0 sec draw gets you a 4.0 sec run or less.
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