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Yeah, you really have to have the transitions mastered on the plate rack. If a 6 plate rack is taking you 5 seconds, I assume you're 1.5 or so on the draw, and then .6 to .8 on transitions. Let's say you get the superduper open guy holster, practice really hard, and get the draw to .9 seconds. Congrats. You are now shooting the rack in 4.4 instead of 5.

Now, learn to ride recoil. Learn that the plate rack is NOT 6 seperate shots, but one single action. Learn to call your shot so you don't have to see the plate go down (or worse, hear it). In short, cut your transitions from .7 to .3 and you have a 3.5 second session with a really slow draw!

It's really easy if you learn to call your shots from a flash sight picture, and stop waiting for confirmation of the hit!


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