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Originally Posted by pleiku68 View Post
Has anyone killed a deer with a .45 APC? What were the results?

I hear ya Hoss. I get things turned around all the time 45apc acp pca
I knew what ya meant.

I do not reccomend the 45acp or the 9mm. Is it doable ? yes. I just don't reccomend it, and believe we are better served with a 44mag 45LC etc. 357Mag will take deer, and the XTP bullet the OP mentions for the 357 is a good bullet choice. It is also a good choice for the 45acp. I use cast bullets in all my hanguns for hunting and heavy for caliber. E.G. 200gr cast for the 357mag. 250/300gr for the 44mag/45LC. I will say this. The XTP is about the only other bullet I load for outside of the hard cast for hunting. It gets good deep penetration, and that is what i am looking. Not, a fast expanding bullet that does not reach the vitals...

So Yes. You can take deer with the 45acp. I would suggest a 50yd. max, and especially if you are new to hand gun hunting, and with this caliber, even if your not new. I do prefer to load up with a Beartooth hard cast bullet though, and to let you know they have went through both shoulders on deer at 50yds. 1911 45acp

Just would rather encourage you to think on the 44mag. Put 44 specials in the 44mag,and they will shoot softer for ya if you have a recoil problem. I have 44special loads with both 255 and 300gr cast bullets that wil take elk at 100 yds. so even some of the factory loads for the 44sp will be more than fine for deer.

If you 'must" use the 45acp. Use a heavy bullet in XTP if you do not reload and stay 50yds and under. If you are a good hunter, and a good shot, and know what your doing, and place the shot (i reccomend lungs here), you will be fine.

There are other options, loads etc. I have just given you a quick example...

Good luck
Good hunting

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