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It's not that I mind the titanium firing pin. That's not a big deal.
What I don't like is that they redesigned the gun to take a firing pin from a 38 super/9mm gun and put it on the 45acp. It was done to satisfy the drop test in California without adding a series 80 type of trigger block.
The lighter (titanium) and smaller firing pin does not have the mass to actually hit the primer hard enough to fire a round from a hammer down position when the hammer is hit such as in a dropped gun.
Unneeded as far as I'm concerned because the gun should be carried in the hammer back, thumb safety on (condition one) condition and it wouldn't be an issue.
The gun is now a 1911 only with a smaller hole in the breech face for the smaller firing pin. Making it a 1911, only different.
All to satisfy a state that prohibits most people from carrying the gun in the first place.
I know it makes no difference to how the gun shoots, and most people would not care or even be aware of this.
I am a 1911 purist. I think the 1911's are fine the way they were and I didn't care for the changes made to the series 80 guns either.
If you don't want to carry a 1911 in condition one then get another gun. Leave "our" gun alone because me and a bunch of other people like them the way they are, or should be.
I'm holding off and looking at other guns.
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