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In my G29 I carry 155gr DT Gold Dots. If I had a G20, I'd probably go with 165 grainers for normal use and 180s during the winter. For home defense, get the 230gr Equalizers. It's a 95gr lead ball with a 135gr Nosler sitting on top of it. At normal HD ranges, the difference in impact between the two projectiles is less than an inch. One shot, two holes. Also lightens things up so you're looking at less drywall penetration. The recoil is also very minimal compared to the 155-165gr loads.

For a hunting sidearm, will it be used for finishing shots, or as a backup in case you get charged by a dangerous animal? For finishing shots that are put through the animal's brain at five feet, pretty much anything will work. If you wanna be able to put down a charging animal, probably want 200gr XTPs if you're shooting from a factory barrel. If you can upgrade to a barrel with conventional rifling, the 200gr WFNGC bullets are great, especially if you combine them with a 6" hunting barrel.
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