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I use a large funnel from discount auto to funnel my primers in to the round flip tray/resevoir on my lee safety prime. Rather than fighting to get them all from the factory tray in one dump without half ending up all over the bench. A quick dump, a light shake, put the lid on, and I'm ready to go.

Another one is how I modified a disk on my double disk kit for charges of Titegroup below 3.5 Pick a hole in a disk that is close to the charge you want, drill a hole in the side of the disk and use a set screw of appropriate diameter through the drilled hole and in to the hole on the disk. Then, all you have to do is screw it in or out a bit until you find the charge you want.

ETA: I ordered another set of disks from Midway, so I would have one set unmodified in case I wanted to use the disk hole I dorked around with.
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