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I have one and love it, a P232SL. It's the best damn .380 out there! (at least me thinks so) I had an interarms import PPK and as much as I like Walther's, it was a jammomatic. Like Cobra64 said, because of the blowback design, they can be a little unpleasureable to shoot for long periods, but it's not too bad. Mine regularly accompanies me when I go to San Diego to visit my girl. I usually take the train down there and walk to her place from Downtown since she doesn't drive. San Diego, even downtown is a pretty safe city but at night there are a lot of vagrants walking about and I feel real safe packing that little SIG. It's the perfect size. I keep mine loaded with silvertip hollow points.

And by the way, I've never, ever had any kind of malfunctions with that gun! You could do much, much worse!
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