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Some of the fired DT cases were leaving a visable smiley on the case & you could feel the nickle had cracked w/ your finger nail. I don't care to push the edge that close. I have had real good luck with Hornady ammo though. The fired Hornady cases & my re-loads don't leave a bluge. Everyone has their own opinion but the XTP bullet is hard to beat. These are some numbers fired through my stock G20.

According to Mike McNett, he does his chrono testing outside of Cedar City, UT, at an elevation way over 6000 ft. You're nearly at sea level. I don't pretend to know how much of a difference this makes, but it's got to be some diff.
I for one have never seen any signs of over pressure or cracking of the nickle in well over a thousand rounds of 9mm and of 10mm Double Tap, and I do check because I've been reloading the cases. And if I did see such problems, I would sure as heck talk to Mike. Have you?
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