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what say reloads

Hello all I am more used to handloading stuff that starts with a four, so... tell me what you think of my 9m.m. start loads 19 glock.
Of course I will chrono these and check for accuracy,function ,velocity, pressure, etc..

124. gr. montana gold encapsulated round nose,5.6 gr. unique, cci small pistol primer, mixed cases , o.c.l. 1.140"

115 rem, j.h.p. ,also using 5.6gr.unique,cci small pistol primer, mixed cases, o.c.l. 1.100"

I am determined to make a good load with unique because it has worked so well for me in .44spl. and .45a.c.p. thanks for your input and or load data, happy glocking... I will kick back and watch replies before I hit the bench and start stuffing cases!!
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