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Thanks EVELA i was milking. The truglos sight picture perfect for me.

25 yards 2 mags fist size hole standing free hand controlled but relatively rapid fire. I am sure if i took my time watched my breath and grip I would have gotten tighter group.

This 10mm is sooo accurate.

I can see why some guys are looking into the long slide as it has to be even better.

right now I want to take time now and get even more comfortable with this stock setup.

i was able to pick up a used KKM 40 conversion barrel same super accuracy. Thanks EDE couldn't be happier.

I have been working on my grip with some small adjustments now and then and still haven't found my sweet spot but i am sure it is coming.

Now just need more time and money to practice practice practice.

Can't thank everyone enough for their wisdom.
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